Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance

Special events take money, time and energy. If everything goes according to plan, an event is successful. However, unexpected incidents can happen, including no-show vendors, extreme weather and special guests who must cancel. Unforeseen circumstances can mean event postponements and cancellations, not to mention financial damage.

What Is Special Event Coverage?

Regrettably, insurance is often overlooked during planning. Special event insurance is a unique coverage that can provide financial protection and peace of mind if an event must be canceled or postponed. Event planners can gain great comfort knowing they are financially safeguarded with special event insurance if their plans change.

Whether planning a community festival, trade show, wedding celebration or other special event, special event coverage can offer several levels of protection, including:

  • Event cancellation or postponement—If you need to postpone or cancel your event, this coverage may help reimburse you for any nonrefundable deposits and other fees up to your policy’s coverage limit. It may also help cover the cost of refunding guests’ ticket sales.
  • Event liability—Special event insurance can help cover numerous liability risks that may occur during a special event, such as property damage or bodily injuries to guests for which you’re found responsible.
  • Additional or special coverages—Many special event insurance policies may provide coverage for additional items. For example, a policy may include wedding insurance or coverage against damage or theft for a dress or tuxedo, gifts, photographs or other special items.

It’s important to note that some venues may require a business to carry special event insurance. We can help you with the coverage you may need for your next special event to ensure you’re adequately protected.

What Does Special Event Insurance Cost?

The cost of your special event insurance policy may be affected by various factors, including the level of risk, duration of your event, the amount of coverage needed, the event’s alcohol policy and what activities will take place at your event. Work with your agent to get a policy quote today.

Get Your Coverage

It is best to purchase your special event insurance when you begin making deposits or purchases for your event. There can be restrictions on when you can buy coverage, so be sure to talk with us about timing.

We can help you with your special event insurance and give you peace of mind knowing you are protected if something unfortunate happens or if your event plans change.

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