Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Weddings require a lot of skilled planning, and even with preparation, no-show vendors, extreme weather and guests who must cancel can lead to a postponement or cancellation of a wedding. These disruptions can be financially devastating.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

People often overlook insurance during wedding planning. Special event insurance is a unique coverage that can provide financial protection and peace of mind if a wedding must be postponed or canceled.

Special event insurance for a wedding can protect you from circumstances outside your control and potential reimbursement for expenses you’ve already paid.

Many wedding (special event) insurance policies offer financial protection for these types of losses:

  • Attire—Your policy may pay to repair or replace unique clothing if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Gifts—Your policy may pay to repair or replace non-monetary gifts that are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Honeymoon—Some policies may include optional travel insurance for your honeymoon.
  • Military or job transfer—Your insurance may cover a wedding postponement if you or your partner is called into military duty or forced to make a last-minute job transfer.
  • Personal liability—Your policy may cover bodily injury or property damage caused by accidents during your wedding.
  • Photography—Your insurance may cover the cost of retaking photos if your photographer fails to show up or image negatives are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Venue—Your coverage may cover the costs of unavoidable cancellation (damage to the venue) and if the venue is in an unusable condition. Some policies may also cover the rehearsal dinner site.
  • Videographer—Your policy may pay to create a video montage or video compilation of photographs, or to retake the video using restaging techniques if the video is damaged.
  • Weather—Your policy may cover the cost of rescheduling the event (including all details such as flowers and food) if weather conditions prevent essential parties from attending the wedding or most guests can’t arrive at the wedding site.

You should also check if your wedding venue has any insurance requirements for your celebration to ensure you aren’t liable for any damages. If possible, keep any deposits small since many may be nonrefundable. In addition, try to purchase your wedding insurance as soon as you begin to make deposits or purchases for your celebration.

How to Get Wedding Insurance

Bolt Insurance can help you with your special event insurance to protect your celebration. Reach out to an agent today to learn more or to get started with a policy.

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